Area Riservata

Sidney University

4 weeks elective application

Description of Elective Term placement:

I will be travelling to Italy and learning under the supervision of a Maxillo-Facial Surgeon. I will be based in Milan, but Dr Goisis has 11 practices across Italy so will be travelling with him and not only experiencing how aesthetic medicine is different across different regions, but i will also have the opportunity to visit and explore the culture and environment of Italy. Dr Goisis also runs a school of Aesthetic medicine and he has organised a practical course for me to attend

Learning Objectives:

I propose to learn how aesthetic medicine is different not only in different regions across Italy, but also how it compares to Australia. Europe has many techniques and materials available to use that have not been approved in Australia and i am fascinated to learn of these and discover how their application can be useful I propose to follow a patients progress and conduct a follow up to assess the success of the procedure i Also propose to learn useful techniques from the practical course in the school of Aesthetic medicine and hopefully further my knowledge and practical ability

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